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Default Cycle Commute from Kilburn to Canary Wharf

Steve Nelson wrote:

I am planning to cycle to and from work - from North Kilburn to Canary

I have searched google groups for suggestions on possible routes, and
have so far gathered:

1) Its a good idea to cross south from the Isle of Dogs and then
re-cross the river around Tower-Bridge.

Seems like quite a long way round, plus you would have to get off and walk
through the tunnel, which would be a big pile of pants if you favour road
shoes with sticky-out cleats...

2) Canal paths may be a mixed blessing - not direct, may be busy with
commuters and sometimes run out of path.

And pretty rough in some places.

I've also looked at an A-Z, and the route across the south of the
river seems fairly straightforward (although specific guidance would
be helpful).

Personally I'd go something like Edgware Road,
Marleybone/Euston/Pentonville/City Road to the Old St roundabout,
Shoreditch, Commercial St down to Whitechapel and then follow the A13 down
to Docklands. I've used most of these on various commutes in the past and
none was too stressful.



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