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Default Cycle Commute from Kilburn to Canary Wharf

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I am planning to cycle to and from work - from North Kilburn to Canary
1) Its a good idea to cross south from the Isle of Dogs and then
re-cross the river around Tower-Bridge.

No Cable Street is fine

Cable street is quite slow and involves an on-pavement contraflow
cycle eastbound plus a very slow contra flow cycle phase on a set of
lights (for which you have to push a button). The cyle lane (which
you have to use in some of the one way sections) gives way to all side
roads. From the OP's description of himself I would suggest
considering the A13 or the A1203. IME the A1203 has higher peak
speeds but more space.

I have never had the bottle to ignore the no-cycling signs on the
limehouse link although a cyclist who can reliably hold 20-25mph for
most of a kilometre including a shallow up gradient shouldn't have
much trouble IMO. You could just follow the A13 then West India Dock
Road or cut through the park by Butcher Row (bridge over tunnel
approach) which delivers you onto Horseferry Road then narrow street.
This is probably not much slower than the main roads.

best wishes

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