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Default New bike for Jay

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 9:31:55 AM UTC-7, jbeattie wrote:
On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 8:55:05 AM UTC-7, Doug Landau wrote:
Can we start speccing out equipment for Jay the way we do for Jorge?

I'll start with this thing. Jay tell us again what frame size you ride?

Wow. That's a deal. I ride a 63cm in Cannondale. The OE Ksyrium wheels are a non-starter. I couldn't keep them true. But I'd buy that bike, and I was even in SF yesterday. Oh well.

I need two bikes, but both have been or are in the process of being replaced. I splurged and sort of replaced my commuter with a CF gravel bike for $1,600. at Western Bikeworks. An on-sale Norco Search. I couldn't help myself. It's a bike I've always liked. It's 105 level, which is more than fine -- and godbless Norco for using the whole component group and not some FSA or TruVativ crank or Tektro brakes. This is a fun bike and probably too nice for a commuter, so who knows, I might buy a beater frame and throw together a dead of winter commuter. Cannondale will probably give me something as a replacement for the broken CX frame. I just didn't want to wait to go through that process, and I wanted a gravel bike anyway. Hey, keep the economy strong. Bike sales are down. We have to do our part.

My uber-bike to replace the smashed SuperSix is going to be an Emonda because my son loves his, and I do work for Trek, so they'll give me a deal on a great bike. I like dealing with the fine folks in Wisconsin. I have always gone with the US companies because I'm a krypto-nationalist, even if the production is done elsewhere (or a lot of it). I like long warranties. If someone gave me a Pinarello, however, I would not throw it out -- although I'm not hot on Italiano BBs.

-- Jay Beattie.

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