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Delgado was a great rider duing his time. But Delgado's doping record
will taint his comments about drugs. Delgado comes across as a
apologist for dopers.

His name is actually Deldopa.

I think that Delgado does make some good points. Certain substances
should be allowed if they are used for medicinal purposes. Naturally a
use would have to be by prescription and reported to the UCI. The
medical condition would be to be verified by a UCI appointed doctor as

Dude, are you lucid? TUE's are a loophole for using bannned substances
and WADA is trying to close them every year (asthma, etc.). What is it,
like 60% of pro cyclists claim to have diagnosable asthma. Since when
does a prescription by a medical doctor mean the purpose of its use is
not performance enhancing?

Also, the UCI isn't in the habit of verifying medical conditions. WADA
sets the doping code and banned list and TUE's, not the UCI. Any doctor
the UCI would hire is probably a part of the omerta anyway. They give
out TUE's in Europe like candy on Halloween.

Delgado is right when he says that riders don't race enough. It's
understandable that a rider like Lance cut back his spring schedule.
But there is no reason why he did not race more in the fall.
Mark & Steven Bornfeld wrote:

Yeah, well in Deldopa's day, the racing wasn't as hard as it is today
(according to LeMond it was 30% easier). And riders are a lot smarter
today and know it's not possible to peak year round. Top riders and
teams don't get paid to get 67th in a lot of races. So why ride on a
average level for the entire season rather than peak for a few events so
you have a better chance of winning one, as opposed to getting 46th in a

**** Deldopa. Deldopa needs to answer 2 questions - why was he taking
probencid in the '88 Tour and what steroids was he trying to mask. And
why should we take advice from a guy who shows up late to a time trial
in a Grand Tour? At least Landis had a good excuse.



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