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Default Provence this September

GLH1013 wrote:
This year my wife & I will be flying from Milwaukee to Paris (CDG
airport), KLM on Sept 5, 2004.

We plan to take the high speed train direct from CDG to Avignon. We are
bringing our own bikes in boxes. We plan to set up a home base camp at
the campground on the island next to Avignon. We plan to take day bike
trips to Arles, St Remy, Pont du Gard, Orange, Utes, Baux in Provence,
along with a few other places. Some days we will stay overnite enroute.

We plan to train back to Paris for a few days of sightseeing there. We
will be in country for 15 days.

I will have just turned 60 and I hear that I might be eligible for
special discounted train fare. We are interested in suggestions for
this trip from those of you in the know. Any info will be appreciated.

If you know, when and where should we get our train tickets?
Do you know of reasonably priced and located Paris lodging?
Where can we get bike boxes for our return flight?

Thanks in advance.

Gary & Donna

The SNCF website has an English-language passenger guide that discusses
senior discounts.

Before the Madrid train bombings you could take your bike on the TGV, but
it had to be held in an "housse," a bag of specific maximal external
dimensions that basically requires that the wheels, any luggage racks, and
pedals be off and the handlebar and seat post height be minimized, and
placed in the open (and non-secure) luggage area at the end of each train
car. After the bombings, SNCF blocked off these luggage areas and
instituted a new policy that carry-on luggage had to fit around and over
each passenger's seat. I personally verified this policy change via e-mail
with SNCF in mid-April since their passenger guide had not been updated to
reflect it. I don't know if that policy will still be in place in
September. You will want to check with them sometime before your trip to
see if they have changed their restrictions.


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