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Default Provence this September

This year my wife & I will be flying from Milwaukee to Paris (CDG
airport), KLM
on Sept 5, 2004.

Direct flights from MKE to CDG? I'm impressed! :) (My assumption is that
you'll fly MKE to Detroit to CDG).

I will have just turned 60 and I hear that I might be eligible for special
discounted train fare. We are interested in suggestions for this trip from
those of you in the know. Any info will be appreciated.

As Robert pointed out, the info is on the SNCF website, and there's an
English-language option.

If you know, when and where should we get our train tickets?
Do you know of reasonably priced and located Paris lodging?
Where can we get bike boxes for our return flight?

Ah, now there's the rub. In the US, you're *supposed* to buy tickets
through their high-priced subsidiary, However, tickets
direct from SNCF are far cheaper. You can order the tickets on-line and pay
for them, but have them held at the station for pickup. This option assumes
you're French (if you try to give it your address, there's no option for the
US... tons of other countries, but not the US), but there's nothing that
requires you to be, nor have I heard of any difficulties doing so.

If you were doing a lot of rail journeys, it would make sense to look into a
RailPass (which you would actually buy from RailEurope). But if you only
trip is to Avignon, then a single roundtrip ticket makes sense.

Please note also that a "ticket" and a "reservation" are too entirely
different things. The TGV requires both.

Please also note Robert's info on the bikes... since the Madrid bombing,
that's a real issue. There may be an option to carry the bike as freight in
a different car.

--Mike-- Chain Reaction Bicycles


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