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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

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Here's a compilation of the many that have been posted on Pinkbike ....

Edward Dolan wrote:

I never bother with mountain biker propaganda. It is always about just one thing ... how much fun it is to get a thrill by risking life and limb. **** the whole lot of them. They are all idiots!

But hey, why not send them a few of my posts since of course that Ďforumí would never accept a message from such a Great Soul as Myself. You will find out they will not accept a post from you either if you depart from the orthodoxy. Talk about echoes in a chamber, that group is it for sure! If you identify with any of those poor misguided slobs, you are lost and gone to Hell!

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. Whatís the matter? Canít walk?

Ed Dolan the Great
Saint Edward the Great


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