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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

Yes, Ed, you're totally wrong.* Mountainbikers are completely
aware of the risks and post videos and pictures of mishaps.* We choose to
go out and live our lives and accept those risks.

Young women and kids do not have a clue about how dangerous
mountain biking on a hiking trail is. In fact, most testosterone powered guys
also do not have a clue. They only become enlightened when they suffer a mishap,
something that is extremely likely to happen sooner or later.

Ah, more of that famous Dolan logic; make an assertion then, when it's disproven by actual facts, move the goalposts. You stated that mountainbikers were unaware and never talked about it ... I showed you that we actually post videos about it. So, your point is comprehensively refuted. QED.

As for your sexist and stupid assertion that, magically, mountainbikers don't include women well ... can I suggest you join the 21st century. If it's up on the net then it's equally accessible to all.

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