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Default Bike traffic

It says in my notes, which I'm transcribing to clean up my notebook
for tomorrow's ride, that on Saturday, the fifteenth of September of
2018, I arrived at the library to find my preferred parking spot
taken. Not only that, the entire rack was full and I and had to use
the other rack that forces you to put your front wheel in the flowers.
I probably wasn't the first to use that slot, since the rose moss
looked rather tattered.

I frequently park at businesses where there is only one place to park
a bike, and yet it was noteworthy that I couldn't park in my usual

One of the high points of my tour in Southern England sometime in the
eighties was a sign saying "don't park your bike on this gate".

I hear that in the intervening forty years, England has lost interest
in bikes. Pity that -- it's the only place I ever met anyone who knew
that he was ignorant of bicycles.

Joy Beeson
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