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Default Changing of the season

A premature season change: I washed clothes on Monday, rode to the
hospital on Tuesday, and rode to Goodwill on Thursday. On Saturday I
discovered that I have only two pairs of thick wool socks. I wish I'd
known that when I stopped at Big R on my way home from Goodwill.

My Fox River socks are thin on top, and the ragg-wool socks were
exactly warm enough, so I wore one of my two pairs of purple "wool"
woman's socks. They are no thicker than the ragg socks, and have only
traces of wool among the mystery fibers, but I also have a pair of
gray man's socks of the same fibers and weight, which fit nicely over
the purple socks. If I were to put a newspaper sleeve over that, I'd
sweat in a blizzard.

It's way past time to sort out my winter clothes and see what I've
got. I'm *sure* I have some non-cotton tights! But the weather
stayed sunny and dry until I got back from the farmers' markets. We
had a wind-wall storm during my afternoon nap.

But I don't expect to find pieces of willow all over in the morning.
We had the weak bits trimmed off it last summer. The Chinese-
porcelain effect of the remaining half still looks odd to me.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net

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