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Default Please be considerate of oncoming cyclists at night

I'm a bike commuter in the Seattle area. Its dark when I leave work for
home. Fortunately, I ride almost the entire 15 miles on paved bike and pedestrian trails.

This week I nearly mowed down two pedestrians walking in my direction
because I was blinded by an oncoming cyclist who wouldn't cover his
light. Either he didn't care that he was blinding me, or he was oblivious.

Either way, I covered my light, as I always do, and I was blinded by his
light. I saw the walkers at the last second and swerved off the paved
trail onto the grass.

So, this posting is in the way of a plea to those riding at night. Please
cover your light when you see an oncoming cyclist.



But having been blinded by bike lights when walking on park paths at night,
I would say to cover your light when you see anyone coming. Having people
walking around the path after destroying their night vision
Is pretty rude.

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