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Default Tomorrow's ride cancelled because I didn't give a darn

On 1/20/2019 11:40 PM, Joy Beeson wrote:

"Darn" isn't a euphemism. It's predicted to be well below zero
tomorrow, and my alpaca tights need mending.

I wonder whether people who use Celsius exclusively have a name for
the temperature at which road salt stops working and below which
frozen food will keep forever.

How about "Darned cold"? ;-)

Yes, I did bring home a case of beer bungeed to the rack of my bike
once. *Once*.

I did that quite a few times, back in the days when I could buy a case
of beer in bottles and return them for a deposit. I felt quite virtuous,
figuring that one factory washing bottles made a lot more sense than a
different factory re-melting glass to make new bottles.

Bit I stopped doing that after the beer store stiffed me on the deposit
a couple times. To my surprise, their policy was "There are only 23
bottles, so you don't get the deposit." :-(

- Frank Krygowski

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