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Default A use for bike helmets

On 2/18/2019 11:41 AM, Joy Beeson wrote:

Just saw a cartoon in which a kid with a slice off a sphere
precariously balanced on his head is speaking to a kid wearing a
horned helmet: "Dude, I said let's go *biking* this weekend."

Without the plastic hat, how would we have known that the child was
dressed for riding his little bike?

Which is on a roof rack on a car in the background. I wonder who will
drive the two children to their playground?


I'truth, the plastic-hat craze would do no harm were it not that it
makes it impossible to promote bike safety. Every time the topic is
brought up, "We'll buy everybody a plastic hat!" Check, that's taken
care of, next topic.

Agreed. I've been through training and certification to teach bike
safety to kids. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, principal of a
nearby middle school and so he asked about me doing such a program. I
said I could do that, but warned him that I would not promote or mandate

He said "Oh, but our parents really believe in helmets." And he
apparently decided not to put on that program.

The issue has reached the stage where helmets are dogma. Skepticism
isn't even tolerated.

- Frank Krygowski

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