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Default Latest trove of road-found items. - pH

On Mon, 5 Aug 2019 14:07:17 -0700 (PDT), pH wrote:

Well today I was headed back down a road that has a stretch of "no man's land" in that there is no possible area for a car to pull over and stop and really not for a bicycle, either.

Well, right along this stretch, right there by the guard rail was a new pair of Fiskars brand loppers.
The handles are 28" long...I had a heck of a time affixing them to my rack so they would not migrate anywhere while on my way home.

When I got home I decided I'd empty my handlebar bag of my accumulated road booty, so including the loppers:

o New Fiskers loppers 1-1/2 inch capacity on label 28" long handles

o pliers, same day as loppers -- no name but labeled "forged - usa" (guess
a counterfeiter made 'em while writing bad checks. silver, plain, slip-joint

o no-name hole-in-car-tire rasping tool for prepping to install plug on a flat
tire--has handy small flat screwdriver tip, too

o 13/32" 1/4" drive socket, that's an unusual size, (about `10mm, metric)

o 3/8" socket on hexagonal shank for using in a drill (must have a real name,
but I don't know it)

So that's the extent of the pile. What have you guys found lately?

pH in Aptos

I found a 5 baht coin the other day - about US$0.06 :-)


John B.

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