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Default New List Shimano best to worst list

-You've got Hone on there twice.
-100GS is definately at the bottom (works fine but not high-zoot ).
-Saint is really one group. the only difference between 135 and 150 is
the rear drouput spacing. some newer DH bikes use 150mm rear spacing.
This is not better or worse in the line, merely different.
-STX-RC was higher in the lineup than STX (rc was supposably for "race"
-There is no Deore preceding the XTR name.
-All dura-ace and 105 are the same. There is no percieved or actual
quality or lineup difference between different finishes (black v/s
silver) or gear arrangements (double, triple, track)
-The Deore position is approximately equal to both STX and STX-RC.
Though really (since I have parts from all of these groups sitting in
my basement) I'd say that Deore is closer to STX-rc and newer alivio is
somewhere between old alivio and STX. The newer alivio parts are nicer
than they were 10 years ago imho.


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