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Default Coast to Coast, July 2 - Aug 9, plus RAGBRAI, want to Join Us?

On Jan 24, 5:59*am, Alex Colvin wrote:
Hello to anyone who may be interested in a limited support coast to
coast bicycle ride. =A0I am inviting you to join me.

That sounds like so much fun, but I don't get that much leave.

With the current economy, you might just get it...;-{
* * * * mac the naf

I sure hope people aren't getting laid off from their jobs. But if
you do, what the hell, why not go on a bike ride. We'll carry your
gear, all you have to do is ride. This should be a good summer for

PS: I'm -RB- I'm a -skiir-, I'm in -Ameri.- and I'm -online-

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