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Bruce Jensen
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Default Bob Berger once again ****s on the group!

On Feb 20, 9:53*am, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
"Bob Berger" wrote in message


Oh I doubt that. If the legal system doesn't stop him now, my guess is
move on to something "bigger and better".

I wonder how many 30 round clips he can stuff in his pockets.

Always a horror to hear from the peanut gallery. **** all mountain bikers
all the way to Hell and back ... and mostly especially **** Bob Berger, a
scoundrel who is evil through and through.

****ing Regards,

Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota

Ed, when are you gonna come up with some insults that actually sting?
These are geting pretty stale.

BTW, Ed, you ARE a 'tard :-)

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