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Babel Fish gives:

I do not know if excursions VTT can be announced in on but good, I launch out nevertheless. if you want
to spend an excellent day in company of 1500 people to carry out a
challenge of 80 km in VTT! Do not hesitez to visit the site of the
club Ternois Vélo Green on It is in Valhuon in
Pas-de-Calais and the participative cost is 5 euros. For this price,
you have supplies envisaged as well as a giant omelette (in 2005 we
used 3200 eggs!!). For the first registered voters, a tee-shirt will
be offered to them. If not there are also the randos of 20, 40 and
60km and one 10 km for young people. Finally 5 VTT to be gained by
drawing of lots as well as goods of purchases for the clubs most
represented. Veiled! do not hesitez to give your comment in the forum
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