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Default AG: Ridin' instead of writin'

Usual Saturday trip the farmer's markets. I decided to lengthen the
ride by going to The Farm (a farm stand on Fox Farm Road) and coming
back by the Chinworth Trail. Bought nothing at the fairgrounds market
or the Center Street market, but I got a couple of yellow squash at
The Farm. And on the way from Center Street to The Farm, I stopped at
Owen's (Kroger) for a couple of bananas because I'd forgotten to put
my emergency food bars into my pannier.

On 350 W, on my way to Tippy Park to eat a banana, I saw the car ahead
of me execute an Idaho stop before turning left onto Old 30.

That sort of thing happens all the time. I did it myself the last
time I drove the car. Perhaps we need a law making it legal for cars
to run stop signs when the visibility is good and the way is clear.

Just beyond the fence around the CCAC, there is a trench across the
Chinworth Bridge Trail -- it looks like a miniature of what you get
when a culvert collapses. I thought of a tree root rotting away, but
tree roots seldom run straight and square, and I'm not sure there were
*ever* trees anywhere near.

What was once a corn field is now a vast expanse of lawn -- all the
companies along Old 30 are way back off the road, with very long
driveways -- so it was easy to see that not one soul was on or near
the MUP, so I was travelling at a reckless speed for a walkway --
might have been five or ten miles per hour. Since the trench was
narrow and I hit it square, I could have simply kept going, had not a
secondary "thock!" told me that the empty water bottle in my right
pannier had flown out and hit the pavement. That may have been the
first time I dumped something out of a pannier without falling over.

"Off" a pannier is another matter. Just last week, I set my walking
shoes on top of my pannier while I was lacing up my riding shoes, then
rode off without putting them into the pannier. I don't like my new
walking shoes as well as the old ones, even though the old ones were
so badly worn that I'd already bought their replacement. Or perhaps
because they were worn; the stiff new straps catch on my toe clips.

Luckily the squash and remaining banana and my ice had been packed
firmly, then a bag of crumpled plastic bags had been bungeed down over
them. I saw no sign, when I unpacked at home, that they noticed the
thump. Didn't even bruise the banana.

Joy Beeson
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