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Default AG: Do as I say, not as I do

Joy Beeson wrote:
What I say:

Take the first sip of water as you are rolling out the driveway.
It sets the proper rhythm, and lets you know you forgot to clean
your bottle while you can still go back and do something about it.

What I do:

Last Saturday I was well beyond the bridge before I learned that I had
to go back and swap half a bottle of very sour tea for a full bottle
of chilled water. (I drank the tea -- diluted with plain tea -- on

I ain't abuyin' no more opaque water bottles.

In truth, the only opaque bottle that I actually bought -- the Sheriff
Goshert bottle the tea was in was given to me at a garage sale -- is
the black bottle that came with the bottle cage that I bought for the
walk-behind lawn mower. And that's stashed away for emergency use.

Said lawn mower is up for grabs now; I haven't done any trimming since
my spouse bought a zero-turn riding mower.

Why? Did the new mower come with a bottle holder?


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