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Default Towing carbon-frame bicycles?

On 2017-08-21 09:35, Doug Landau wrote:

Holding is an option even on a road (side-by-side riding isn't) but
it means the other cyclist can't use the brakes well but he or she
is going to have to do most of the braking.

The proper way is described here

The method in the first picture is what the video I linked shows.

The rope goes around the bars and the gooseneck/tripleclamp/whatever
and is held to the bars by one hand.

On modern motorcycles that is often hardly possible anymore. Too much
stuff in the way. But on bicycles it works. Holding it by hand is iffy
because the trailing rider must do the braking.

My question was mainly because I don't know if a rope tied to the stem
could exert too much force in the top steerer bearing or into frame at
that spot when the disabled bike is CF. Going up a hill it can be a lot.
OTOH tying it around the head tube to might crush the head tube but I
don't know about that.

The rope has to be let-go-able.

Ideally, yes, but I never had any quick-release on mine. Once it gets
screwed up and tangled in a wheel it's almost too late anyhow.

Regards, Joerg

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