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On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 15:31:46 +0100, "Simon Mason"

"Andy Leighton" wrote in message
The initial figure was plucked out of the air in 1987 due to "a feeling
that you had to say something" according to Richard Smith a member of
Royal College of Physicians who was on the committee that came up with
the number. Googling alcohol "plucked out of the air" gets lots of
newspaper columns on this.

Well, I've drunk 100-120 units a week for 30 years, so I must be due to die
very soon!

How do you make up this 100/120 units a week - if you don't mind me


"Primary position" the middle of a traffic lane. To take the "primary position" : to ride a bike in the middle of the lane in order to obstruct other road vehicles from overtaking.

A term invented by and used by psycholists and not recognised in the Highway Code.


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