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Default OMG PoochKums (Ride-A-Lot) did Mnt Falcon id=1

He states he was going to do Deer Creek Canyon, and it fell through.
Is what I suspect, is that he was the one that made it fall through,
due to "the Wall", of which is the most technical section of the
trail. All he would have had to do was get off his bike and hike-a-
bike. But instead he just avoids the whole thing out of wussydom.

Or QueenDom.

anyways, he does ride a long ride, more than most of you can do. I
don't know how well I'd do on such a long ride. I usually ride half
his rides.

If Ride-A-Lot would make it worth my while, and apologize, I'd advance
him beyond a time margin anyone else could. He just doesn't get it,
you can't insult the great Liberator - especially when I was giving
him loving, constructive criticism - by attacking me and mocking me,
and expect to gain and not be dwarfed in humilation.

If Ride-A-Lot would give me a bike, and apologize, within one month of
my partnering with him I could make him black-diamond fearless.

But I forgot, he's owned by females that are fear strewn thus capable
of witchcraft powers that amaze him. Boy, can't their witchcraft make
him black diamond capable?

Give me a bike Ridey, we'll call a truce, and I'll train you, and
you'll be laughing at the old you once I get done with you.


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