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Roger Zoul
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Default A not so great biking day.....(kinda long)

R15757 wrote:
:: Roger Zoul wrote in part:
:: ... Bamn! Fell to the right. Turns out, my right foot had locked
:: back in and I didn't even know it! ...
:: Those inadvertent clip-ins are the worst. We've all been there.

Believe it or not, that makes me feel better!

:: That cleat-related floundering will be a thing of the past before
:: too long. More worrisome is the fact that your spokes keep breaking.
:: That should not be a regular occurrence. Probably you have a
:: poorly-built wheel or a wheel that is simply not built to handle the
:: girth. What kind of wheel are you riding?

I bought this bike in September 2003. I only had 200 miles or so up until
April 17. Since then, I've put on 600 miles. My wheel is a Specialized
"Rolf design 700c twin spoke design high performance wheel set", whatever
that means. snk7.j27002

My tendency is to blame it on my weight -- I'm 235 to 240 or so.
:: If you pop a spoke on a ride, it should be possible to straighten
:: the wheel enough so it clears the stays by adjusting adjacent spokes
:: with a spoke wrench. Maybe the hot chick at the LBS could show you
:: how...

Plus, maybe they'll sell me a spoke wrench, too. I'll see her at 3pm. I
don't really understand how the spokes work to keep the wheel straight, so
I'll be reading up on that. Thank.


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