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Default A not so great biking day.....(kinda long)

On Sat, 29 May 2004 12:26:08 -0400, "Roger Zoul"

Comments on how to avoid any more spills

Practice doing actual stops? Rolling and popping the cleat out is
almost too easy. You need to develop muscle memory for the actual
process- including balance and weight shifting.

Are the pedals at the absolute easiest? That's where I put them in the
beginning. Loosen the tension screw click by click until there are no
more clicks, then back in to the first click.

and what to do with a popped spoke
and an untrued wheel on a ride would be much appreciated. Somehow, I feel a
bit unsure if myself now....damn!

I'd get the wheel rebuilt first. Spokes shouldn't break in the first

And you can set up your brakes so that there is room to open them up
with the screw adjuster as well as the quick release. Use the screw
adjuster as part of the final tightening. It gives you just a bit more
slop room if you need it. Or carry a 5mm allen wrench (or appropriate
wrench for your brake cable attachment system) all the time, then
readjust the cable when this happens to let you ride home.

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