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Default Man, I feel GREAT!

Hey everyone. Good to see the forum is as good as ever. Hope everyone on
it is doing great too. I am!!

I havnt been on the site for ages, as I started work, so I have much
less time on he computer now, and havnt had time to browse the forum.

Anyways, I havnt been out on my trials for ages either, until this
morning that is!
Again, been really busy, and other things have taken up my free time.
Last night I thought it would be a good idea to go out in the morning
(this morning), but usually when ever I do that, its raining or
something. Anyways, I woke this morning, had a peek out my bedroom
window, and the sun was shineing down the street and into my window.

My sister made me a sausage sandwich, as I got ready. I blew my tyre up,
as my trials had been standing for so long, it had lost air.

I went out, and started off small. Doing 'easy' things, to get warmed
up. I started going bigger, and doing things I used to do last year, and
in the summer. I thought I might have 'lost it', but no, mann, ive still
got it!

I rode down to the seafront, and did some trials there. its great, but
it was rather windy today. Wind = more challenge!

I did some new things I hadnt even tried before, such as hoping up
almost vertical(ish) walls, which really tests your wheel control, and
leg strength, and I did a few new lines over a couple of bins :P

I feel so good! I just love unicycling.

Hope everyone else is feeling just as good,


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but to show them what can be done on a unicycle' - Sofa

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