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Default Reducing speed to 20mph created more deaths than injuries

Brian Reay posted
On 18/12/2017 09:59, Bod wrote:
On 18/12/2017 09:41, Bod wrote:
A council has said that 20mph zones recently introduced in its area
will stay despite a rise in the number of deaths and injuries.

**Bath and North East Somerset Council spent £871,000 bringing in
the 13 new speed zones just 12 months ago. Woman openly admits she
loves her dog more than her only child But one year on, a report has
found that the rate of people killed or seriously injured has gone
up in seven out of the 13 new 20mph zones. The report, published in
May 2017 by Bath and North East Somerset Council, says this is a national trend.

What a pity the report doesn't cite the actual numbers of accidents.
Perhaps they are so insignificant that no inferences can be drawn.
Perhaps in the wards where accidents increased, they increased by only
one each, while in the ward where they decreased, they decreased by 10

Perhaps the annual variations in accident numbers were large *before*
the 20mph limits were introduced, perhaps much larger than the
variations after introduction. Which would suggest that several more
years of data are needed.

**The council suggests people are ‘less diligent’ when walking
and crossing roads within the zones, because they think they are
safer. Deputy council leader Councillor Patrick Anketell-Jones has
admitted there simply isn’t the money available to reverse the 20mph zones.


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