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Default Reducing speed to 20mph ‘created more deaths than injuries’ but council can’t afford to scrap them

On 18/12/2017 23:38, James Wilkinson Sword wrote:
On Mon, 18 Dec 2017 20:53:10 -0000, Woolly Jumper wrote:

On 18/12/2017 09:59, Bod wrote:
On 18/12/2017 09:41, Bod wrote:
A council has said that 20mph zones recently introduced in its area
will stay despite a rise in the number of deaths and injuries.

* Bath and North East Somerset Council spent £871,000 bringing in the
13 new speed zones just 12 months ago. Woman openly admits she loves
her dog more than her only child But one year on, a report has found
that the rate of people killed or seriously injured has gone up in
seven out of the 13 new 20mph zones. The report, published in May 2017
by Bath and North East Somerset Council, says this is a national trend.

* The council suggests people are ‘less diligent’ when walking and
crossing roads within the zones, because they think they are safer.
Deputy council leader Councillor Patrick Anketell-Jones has admitted
there simply isn’t the money available to reverse the 20mph zones.

The Council said "it would cost £800,000 to remove the signs"
That's a ridiculous amount!

It doesn’t surprise me.* The liberals like to mollycoddle.* It's obvious
that when people feel safer they'll take more risks.** Of course, the
liberals will be thinking to lower the speed limit top 10mph, to prevent
people being seriously injured or killed.

I've noticed at crossings on busy roads, when people see the green man,
they just cross without looking for any traffic, thinking that people
that drive will always be alert and stop. I always look to see if
anybody driving as seen the red traffic light.* It's saved me from
injuries a few times.

At crossings on busy roads where there are traffic lights but not the
red/green man for pedestrians, I'm always extra cautious before
crossing. The best way for any person not getting run over, is for their
survival instinct to be at the highest level.

At lights?!* Round here they just walk blindly across at any point on
the road then are surprised when they hear my horn.


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