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Default Dump tour

Came back sweaty -- it's hard to dress for fall weather. In hot
weather, at least you know where you're at. It doesn't help that it's
been decades since I could buy wool clothing, and today I was dressed
mostly in mostly-cotton. (Perhaps I should have gone into Meijer's to
look over the leggings.)

When I empty a bottle of water into a saucepan and boil tea leaves in
it, there is usually considerably less than a bottleful to pour back
in, but this morning there wasn't enough space to add orange juice, so
I squeezed a lemon that's been in the crisper tray ever since July
into it and added a little honey. I didn't squeeze the lemon very
hard, and put the remains into a jar of water and chilled it for later

I'd drunk only part of the tea at the turn-back point. To avoid
diluting it, I topped it off with some of the tea that came with my
"kids' meal" and drank water with my rice after I'd drunk the rest of
the "Panda Passion". I figured that one bottle of tea and one bottle
of water was as good as two bottles of water. I didn't finish the tea
until I got to Aldi. At which point I drank half the bottle of water.
I didn't go back in to refill the bottle, as I'd bought frozen food
and I was nearly home.

I think I was ever so slightly under-hydrated on the first leg of the
trip, but I arrived at Aldi in excellent condition.

There was no traffic on Husky Trail at all -- the construction was
visible from the intersection. A sign said it was open as far as
Canterbury House Apartments, but I don't like to share a road with
construction vehicles, and I strongly doubted that there is a walking
path from Canterbury to the completed part of the road.

The good news: they appear to be making the road wider. The bad
news: they are definitely putting CURBS the full length! The curbs
on Old 30 West aren't bad because there is a whole extra lane for cars
to get around you, but on Husky Trail, "wider" is a long, long way
from "wide".

More bad news: I stopped at KABS to ask whether I could take my bike
with me -- I'd thought I could overcome the boredom problem by having
them dump me in Silver Lake and other places I can't quite reach. But
the clerk explained that they have no bike racks and it's against the
law to allow bikes inside because they might shift during a sudden
stop. I didn't bother to explain that I know how to secure a bike so
it doesn't shift -- a bright line is a bright line.

And if they did have racks, they'd still be useless to me because I
cringe at the thought of carrying my bike on the outside of a vehicle,
not to mention that I like to carry the bike loaded up and ready to
ride. It takes at least ten minutes to pack it when I've got the
conveniences of home. Not to mention that I couldn't fold the
panniers without removing the reflectors, which would take tools, and
the screws are *not* stainless and most of them have been there ever
since I wore out the previous pair of panniers, so it might not be
*possible* to remove the reflectors.

The trip was fifteen point four, give or take a mile.

What a long post! That comes of missing my nap. When I was in
school, I could always manage to churn out enough words to fill the
required number of pages just by staying up late.

Joy Beeson
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