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Default do police stations still sell recovered bikes? 2nd hand bikes

On Fri, 15 Sep 2006 19:09 Maurice Wibblington wrote:

I'm wondering about getting a 2nd hand bike - must be
hundreds sitting in sheds/garages doing nothing but
gatheiring rust? I was surprised to see how few
local to me on ebay.

The problem with run-of-the-mill bikes on eBay is a) transport costs -
means that only local bidders would have any interest and b) new bikes
are so cheap compared to parts for servicing an old one.

I suggest by far the best option is "FreeBay", ie Freecycle. The
Southampton Freecycle forum often has bikes on offer. Unfortunately,
I don't know of a portal for finding the nearest Freecycle group to a
postcode - there ought to be one?

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