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Default Cyclist in accident drives off

Phil W Lee wrote:
nully considered Sun, 17 Aug 2008 19:05:34 +0100 the
perfect time to write:

Marc wrote:
nully wrote:
Marc wrote:
nully wrote:
Marc wrote:
nully wrote:
Marc wrote:
Peter Grange wrote:
On Sun, 17 Aug 2008 17:52:07 +0100, nully wrote:

Marc wrote:
HarryHill wrote:
‘There may be serious consequences if a cyclist hits a child’

CALLS have been made for the widening of a pedestrian and
cycle path after a dog was hit by a bicycle.

Anne-Marie Wilkins, 37, from Llandaff North, is starting a
petition calling for the Taff Trail to be widened through
Hailey Park after her dog Bonny was run over by a cyclist,
who then immediately rode off.

My money is on the little turd dispenser either being on a
35ft extendable lead or not being on one at all.
Which gives the cyclist the right to simply ride off and ignore
the incident then? Cycles should be required to carry reg
plates to avoid cowardly behaviour such as this. Be nice to see
some posters condemn the cyclist leaving the scene
*irrespective of fault*, but I guess I'm asking for too much
there - after all, cyclists are beyond fault, right?
Out of common courtesy the cyclist should have stopped, IMO. Please
don't extend the act of one person to "all cyclists are beyond
Stopped to be bitten?
Stopped to be attacked by the "aggrieved" owner?

Loose turd dispenser,
Loose turd dispenser is scared but unhurt by cyclist
Loose turd dispenser learns lesson
Turd dispenser's owner doesn't learn lesson and starts a petition
to spend £100,000s rather than her buying a lead

What possible help would it have been for the cyclist to have
Do me a favour, Marc. Please cycle into *my* dog and ride off. Or
rather, attempt to.
I find it much funnier to use the airzound.

Hmmmm, deliberate and intentional attempt to frighten and harrass
legitimate path user?
No, an attempt to stop the little turd rat running between my wheel
and bottom bracket, hurting both of us.
No answer?
Fine, have a go. I'm reasonably confident my dog
will 'intimidate' you rather more than you intimidate it )
Whilst it's on a lead? How could it do so?
Well I'm afraid I might have accidentally let go of it.
I'm sure you will support the police then in their attempts to shoot
this out of control dangerous animal?

Oh no, it wont be "out of control" at all! As soon as I tell it to stop
eating you, it will. It just might take me a moment or too before I
remember the command, is all...

When that happened
The turd dispenser:-
Levitated 18 inches
Rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise , whilst still in the air.
Started running at exactly the same speed I was cycling, in the
direction I was cycling.
Leaving behind it's owner calling "Doggikins" in a forlorn manner.
Looked over it's shoulder every 20 seconds to see me still there.
2 miles later it dashed for the bushes.

With a bit of luck the owner might have learnt that when it was
taking its dog out for a walk ( Dog owner speak for " taking the
dog to **** somewhere that isn't my patch") It might be a good idea
to put it on a lead.
With even more luck the turd dispenser got lost forever, died and
the owner got put off buying another one.
What a delightful piece of vermin you are. C'mon, cycle round here.
The dog needs feeding anyway.
You really don't understand your place in things do you?

You are here to have the **** extracted out of you and to see whether
it's possible to see spittle via text, it's your only function(s).
Oh I get it. Now you're attempting to backtrack your foul comments on
the basis that you were just trying to wind someone up?
No not at all. I'm just explaining why I bother replying to you.

Have you ever wondered which end of the line has the hook on it?

LOL, nice try.
Like I said, you're welcome to ride round Lincoln and see if you come
across 48 kilos of GSD coming the other way...
There are only so many cabbages I can take in a day.

Nah, Cocoa doesn't *like* cabbage. She *loves* calf muscle, though!

So you admit to keeping a dangerous dog?

That exchange could sign it's death warrant, if there's anyone who
knows you, dislikes the mutt, and can use google.

There *isn't* anyone who dislikes him. And while I've read *lots* of
reports of dogs being seized under the DDA, I've yet to come across a
single one where a dog was taken without there being any evidence of it
having bitten someone, unless you'd like to show otherwise? No? Right,
well feel free to talk about something you know about instead then.

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