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Default Mountain Biker Scofflaws

On Thu, 9 Jun 2016 23:51:43 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

Just one of many reports I could be posting to this newsgroup on the behavior of mountain bikers, a criminal class of trash humans if ever there was one.

“Yesterday I met a mountain biker pushing his bike up a hiking trail closed to bikes. I said "Bikes aren't allowed here". He said "I'm just pushing my bike up the hill". I said "It doesn't matter whether you are pushing it or eating it; bikes aren't allowed on this trail". Of course, the trail is marked with one of those internationally recognizable signs with a bike covered by a red circle and a "bar sinister" so that anyone in the world can understand it - except a mountain biker. I reported him to the park police, emphasizing the fact that I told him he was breaking the law, and he continued doing it anyway. This is typical mountain biker behavior. How is "education" going to stop this? It isn't. The only thing they understand is force. And having their bike confiscated....”

Finish your story. After you reported the cyclist to the police and
emphasized that YOU, Dolan the Great, had spoken harshly to the guy,
did they leap to their feet and rush madly out into the Great Outdoors
and track down the miscreant? Did they arrest him and bring him back
in chains? Beaten and bleeding?

My guess is that they said something like, "OK, well let us know if
you see him again", and went right back ignoring you.

Dolan the Great? Nope, Dolan the Ignored.

John B.


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