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Default Safety inflation

On Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 10:27:58 p.m. UTC-4, Frank Krygowski wrote:
But I admit, I am dismayed by the mousification of society. I'm
irritated at the ridiculous "Safety First!" labels applied to everything
from screwdrivers ("Always wear eye protection!") to soup cans
("Caution: After microwaving, contents will be hot!") If many of those
don't look ludicrous to you, something's wrong - but then, you are a

- Frank Krygowski

Most of those warnings and many others are placed on objects or in instructions in order to avoid litigation if the person using them manages to injure themselves. That's because so many people have managed to win ridiculous lawsuits because of some slight injury that resulted from a stupid use of the item. If people weren't so quick to launch a lawsuit, or were willing to accept that the injury was THEIR fault, there wouldn't be such a need for those ridiculous warnings.


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