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Default Safety inflation

On 4/7/2021 8:23 PM, jbeattie wrote:


I've met those people in the elevator -- eating doughnuts and drinking sodas at 8:00 AM. I'm absolutely sure they would ride if not unreasonably terrified of riding. Meanwhile, in the real world, people are out riding their bikes. Specialized is out of stock. Safety inflation is killing cycling.

Ohio is obviously a very different place than Oregon or California.

Out on the left coast no one is scared of riding a bicycle if they lack
a fluorescent jersey. The vast majority of transportational cyclists are
not wearing spandex or lycra.

As to DRLs, it is true that the vast majority of transportational
cyclists do have DRLs on their bicycles, by default. It's not because
some mystery group told them to go out and buy one, the DRL came with
whatever bicycle light that they bought, whether at a bicycle shop or

Some people are intent on having everyone use the same stuff that they
use, whether it's cars, bicycles, smart phones, computers, etc.. it's a
personal affront to them when others don't follow what they do. A better
approach is to explain to people, if they ask, why you chose what you
did, including the pros and cons. If they then make what you consider to
be a poor choice just keep quiet, you tried.

β€œIt's best not to argue with people who are determined to lose. Once
you've told them about a superior alternative, your responsibility is
fulfilled and you can allow them to lose in peace.” – Mark Crispin,
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