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Jon Meinecke
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"mugwump" wrote
I looked at Bike Es. I don't think they are suitable for her. She
will immediately complain about the chain (possibly greasing up her
pants) and rlelatively high step over height.

The best bike for her (anyone) is the one she *will ride*, of course.
Perception is reality. The "perfect" bike, sitting unused, is by
definition, not the best bike.

A "real" recumbent is also out, even though for the same price range
it would be better for distance riding. She won't ride distance, so

Many of us recumbent converts are riding distances we might
unlikely have considered "BR" (before recumbent). Within 6
months of being told I'd need back surgery, I was riding 25-30
miles recumbently and avoided the surgery. 50 miles within a
year and enjoying it.

I now have a couple of other recumbents much better suited to
long-range cycling that the BikeE. Most of my BikeE rides are
now just jump-on-and-go 5-10 milers.

all the things that contribute to distance comfort and efficiency
would be a problem.

Not sure what this is referring to... "Real" recumbents cover a
lot of territory, design-wise, geometry-wise, etc... I wasn't
(and still don't) set any speed records riding distances
comfortably. Many of the things that contribute to distance
comfort also contribute to short-haul comfort. Some of
the things that contribute to distance efficiency and speed
may be problematic for more casual riding (bottom bracket
height, seating angle, clipless pedals, etc...)

No, I need low step over height, flat-foot capability, covered chain,
size for 5'2" tall woman, kick stand, fenders, and maybe a basket of
some sort. Minimal gear shifting is preferred, like a 3 or 7 speed
hub would be ideal. Cushy seat, back support a plus.

If lacking a covered chain is a show stopper then there are few
choices. None the less, the step-over height of the BikeE
compared to the Revive is probably only slightly higher. And
the seat height is lower for "flat footing". The seat and back
may be more supportive and comfortable in the long run than
the Revive, even for short rides. With a 20 liter plastic storage
box mounted behind the seat on mine, it is a great utility bike.
People from 6 to 70 years old and 4' to 6'6"+ tall have ridden my
BikeE. It's a very adjustable and "people friendly" design.

Have you/she ridden many recumbents? The standard advise
for people considering a recumbent (or indeed any bike) is to
try it. Try as many different styles as you can. The EZ line
of bikes and trikes might be a good place to start. Also, RANS
Tailwind, and probably others...

If the Revive is what she wants, don't let a few $$$s stand
in the way. Life it too short not to have the bike you want! %^)

Good luck,

Jon Meinecke

I bike therefore I am.


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