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Absent Husband
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Default Lance Armstrong is riding Le Tour this year.

My ideal scenario:

Lance being there (I'm not his biggest fan - but gee I respect his
awesome ability...), and being pushed hard through the whole race by
some of the others (wet dream would be Cadel Evans..... but let's be

That way, we get to see Lance having to go hard through ALL the
mountain stages (instead of just blowing the field apart in 1 or 2, and
going with the field for the other 20 stages)... Might give us more
insight into the neverending Armstrong vs Merckxx debate as well!!

If Lance won both yellow & polka dot, I think he would have a strong
claim to all-time greatest status.....

Absent Husband (who does NOT want to start a Lance vs Eddie debate, but
had to throw his 2 cents in....)


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