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Default How to drill a nightrider 36 rim?

Here are some photos I took while drilling my Nightrider.

The outside edge of the small holes was just starting to cut into a
vertical part inside the profile of the rim extrusion, so I think
that's about as wide as you can go with drilling holes across the

I'd definitely recommend using a pillar drill for this as you need the
height control to not go too far and get the second surface by

I didn't weigh my actual rim beforehand, but going by the stated weight
of 1116g, and my measured 'after' weight of 1069, I saved 47g.
(Ironically I threw away 20g of that by building it up with brass
nipples - it'll be blingbling gold alloys next time)


|Filename: drilling-3.jpg |
|Download: |

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