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Default 'Make London's main roads 20mph and let cyclists go left through red lights'

Kerr-Mudd,John wrote:
"Mr Pounder Esquire" wrote in
James Wilkinson Sword wrote:
On Mon, 04 Dec 2017 18:34:43 -0000, Bod

Transport for London should consider cutting the speed limit on
parts of the capital's main road network to 20mph to improve safety
for pedestrians and cyclists, a report said today.

TfL also came under pressure to investigate whether cyclists should
be able to effectively go through red lights when turning left.

The recommendations are made in a report from the London Assembly
transport committee. But they have caused a row at City Hall, with
the Conservative and UKIP groups both opposed to either suggestion.

No no no! We have enough ****ing 20mph limits as it is.

And as for the left on red, doesn't everyone do that in their cars

No, they don't.

Well argued. Saddo.

I replied to the well known bell-end Hucker who is a well known unemployable

As for you, Mudd.
Tell us all about your driving lessons, pillock.
The lessons where the instructor had to grab the steering wheel.
I remember your postings very well.
If you know whats good for you, **** off.


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