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Default 4x4 choices for bikes and surf fishing... and family

Is it necessary to post again?

Well, I'll reply to a couple other points...

On 16 Aug 2003 15:55:31 GMT, James Y. Yang wrote:
we're looking for a second car, and i'd like to get something that can
go onto the beaches here in nc (and elsewhere). i'm a longtime pier
fisher, but will be new to the beach and surf. it *is* necessary to
get a good 4x4 as a fisherman in nc, isn't it? i've heard there are

Only if you want one.

good parks to go camping at also, where you need 4x4 capability?

I've never seen a campground or park that requires a
real 4x4 to get to the site. The worst I've seen is
the Winterhawk bluegrass festival, which requires you
to get up a big, steep hill; if it's muddy, 2-wheel
drive vehicles have a tough time.

Some campgrounds do have rather rough paths, but all
that's required is a little extra ground clearance.

we also need the car to be decent or good on the road, for normal use.

This is when you'll use it most, on the road. You
should probably make that a priority.

road... is the 4 wheel drive V6 reasonable for the beach?? Enough
power? Won't get stuck? I've heard compact suv's like the CRV are not
good that way..

Compact SUVs, as well as larger ones built on a
car platform, are not off-road vehicles, no matter
what the manufacturer claims. They can handle grass,
the path to the campground, etc; but tough stuff
like deep in the woods or in deep sand, you need
quite the ballsy off-road pickup (or SUV built on a
pickup truck platform).

Do you expect to drive on the beach? I've only ever
seen vehicles allowed on the beach on TV shows like
Baywatch; nowhere I've been, have I seen vehicles
permitted to drive onto the sand, or anywhere out of
the parking lot.

any real differences on the FORD ESCAPE?

The Ford Escape is a car-based SUV. It will do
anything spectacular. It probably gives a pretty
good ride on the road.

how is the Jeep liberty?

Reportedly, the Liberty is okay. Never driven one.

What do you all drive on the beach for fishing/camping/biking? i guess

I don't drive anything on the beach.

For fishing/camping/biking, I drove a 1997 Pontiac
Grand Am for 5 years; a 1987 Cadillac Sedan Deville
for a couple years before that; and now I drive a
full size pickup, specifically, a 2002 GMC Sierra
4x4, extended cab, etc.

The Caddy and the Pontiac did fine for all sorts of
off-road situations, although I did bend a wheel by
going too fast in the Caddy on a very rough trail.

People who think a low-slung, 2wd car can't go off
road, either have never done it, or are unskilled
off-road drivers. They can't do really gnarly off
road stuff; but car-based SUVs can't either, except
that they can deal with a little bit slipperier
conditions and a little bit higher clearance issues.

ideally you want a truck truck for the beach, which probably doesn't
ride that well on the road, and a car car for everyday.... but what's
the best of both worlds, or the best compromise?... we have a budget

My GMC Sierra, which does NOT have any sort of
off-road package, and has lame-looking road tires,
is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever driven.
The tires, which look lame, provide ample grip in
all sorts of snow, mud, etc.

also, anyone know if a slim thule or other cargo box plus a couple
mountain bike trays would fit on top of the Mazda tribute?

I can't imagine why not.

can you email replies to me, if you also post?
thx in advance

Rick Onanian

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