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Default Kill-filing

On Dec 8, 7:59*am, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
"Tad McClellan" wrote in message


["Followup-To:" header set to]
Edward Dolan wrote:

Yes, but that creates a complication for others since they will prefer
all the groups see the message, not just RBT. It is no fun to play around
with headings for newsgroups.

It is perfectly acceptable to set a Followup-To header.

The person who is complicating things is whoever originally crossposted..

(this is one reason why crossposting is discouraged.)

Crossposting is as common as mud and I for one do not discourage it. It is a
pain in the ass to have to add newsgroups back because of your follow-up

You can stay on your single newsgroup for all eternity for all I care and I
will engage others as they like to be engaged ... without a lot of
tomfoolery about headings.

I'll kill you when I have the chance to get to kill files!


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