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On 2018-05-16 14:18, jbeattie wrote:
On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 1:19:43 PM UTC-7, Joerg wrote:
On 2018-05-16 12:33, jbeattie wrote:


... I've been doing that on my own for years -- with a solid
rubber front tire. If you want it done right, you have to do it
yourself. It's just like making beer. Did I mention I make
beer? Did I mention mountain lions? Scared cows? God-fearing
country-folk? Hors categorie gnar?

Just brewed up another Pliny clone and for the first time a
Belgian Quadrupel. Got to watch that Belgian though, the
fermentation is going almost "nucular". It should clock in above 9%
but will need 12 weeks until done.

I doubt you can get the same hops or the proprietary yeast -- to the
extent that matters.

It tastes remarkably close to the real thing. Tons of different hops and
it needs to be dry-hopped twice in secondary fermentation. It would
probably be possible to extract and grow the yeast from a store-bought
bottle. Problem is, you can hardly ever buy the stuff and that is the
main reason why I brew it. Soon I'll have 50+ bottles of it. They should
be left alone for a couple of months for aging but that requires a level
of self-discipline I have a hard time with.

I used yeast I extracted from a Koelsch that I brewed two weeks ago and
just racked off to secondary. So my Pliny clone is 1% German I guess.

You should skip the Clorox fest and go watch the Tour of California.
Stages 5-7 are in your neighborhood. The Friday stage starts in

Hmm, I have to see because I actually get through that area on my road
bike. Though I find road bike races utterly boring. People wait and wait
and wait, then the peloton zips by, followed by a few stragglers, and
that was it.

Maybe I can sneak into a celebration ride but with panniers, non-Lycra
clothes, MTB pedals and mud caked onto the bike frame they'd probably
kick me out.

You should go and touch Peter Sagan. "Nyes, the legs, if
they work, maybe it good, but you know?" I want to learn to interview
like Peter! Some of the best Europros who decided to skip the Giro
are there You can go talk German to the Germans. Shoot the sh** with
Marcel Kittel. Ask him for hair care tips.

There ain't much hair left on top to care for. And no, I am never
getting into the habit of shaving leg hair just to squeeze another 500
milliseconds out of a 4h ride.

Regards, Joerg

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