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Default Cough drop inhibits water ingestion

This morning, for the first time this year, I left my do-rag at home
and wrapped my head in a scarf. The high today was 47 F, and it was
closer to freezing than to fifteen fahrenheit degrees above when I

You don't have as much water to get down in cold weather, but it's
just as important as when it's hot: if you are dehydrated, you don't
generate as much heat, and you don't move it around to where it's

It was lunch time when I left Tractor Supply, and five or six miles to
the nearest eating house. I didn't want to eat an emergency bar, but
there was a Ricola in my pocket -- a little sugar along the way would
be just the ticket.

As I was rolling out, oh, yeah, I'd better take a sip of water.

When you are sucking on a menthol cough drop, water is ka-ha-COLD!

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