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Default Bracelets for Nut Cases?

Bob Schwartz wrote:
This guy is a nut case. Have you noticed?

If you are going to debate a nut case, learn how to edit
your ****ing header.

Better is to not debate nut cases, because there is no
****ing point.

I am coming to believe that it must be something in the water, it used
to be that civilized people did not use profanities in public, of course
Americans can not seem to get away from doing so.... Then again is
America a civilized country... Some things seem to make this debatable....

Gee we were still talking about bike lanes, and I trimmed most of the
old verbage off the post, changing the subject on a post should only be
done when the topic has changed sufficiently that the old subject is no
longer valid, and should then state was and the old subject, at least
for a little while, then again this is usenet where politness a civility
have not existed for years......


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