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Can a cropper this morning on the way into work.
Commuting on my old Apollo MTB with a Single speed convert (DMR chai
tensioner) I was heading east up at the top end of Flinders St toward
the corner of Spring st (Melb CBD) where I jumped up onto the footpat
(from the road) as the cars werenít giving any room between them & th
gutter. I hopped up & then threw my chain as Iím outa the saddl
grinding my ridulous ratio for commuting (44/18). With my blunted un-c
reflex reaction & not considering my SPDs recalistrant behaviour I wen
over the Ďbars & with the rear siding out to the left handside I the
lowsided coming down on my right side. In front of a bloke waiting fo
a taxi I was just laying there kakking myself, what else is there to d
when you fall off your bike all on your lonesome?
The concrete pavement didnít offer much of a cusioning so I was ther
checking the bark off my elbo & knee. My hip hurt heaps but under th
lycra looked fine, didnít even tear it. Bloody bike - well there was n
one else to blame.

Thatís 3 strikes with this bloody tensioner throwing my chain (other 2
times didnít cause any falls etc). Yeah sure, I know itís all my fault
When I originally installed it the new chain it would not make the cog
by only a fraction, so I added an extra link & expected the DMR chai
tentioner to take up what was now considerable slack.
I should have redid the chain (dropping that extra link) after th
chain settled in a little giving me that length I needed, but nah
thought, that was getting too logical

Marx SS


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