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Default Should Cyclists Pack Guns?

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snipped for excessive wangst

I'm touch surprised that it took you this long to crawl out from under
your bridge.

Many people will use this terrible tragedy as an excuse to put through a
political agenda other than my own. This tawdry abuse of human suffering
for political gain sickens me to the core of my being. Those people who
have different political views from me ought to be ashamed of themselves
for thinking of cheap partisan point-scoring at a time like this. In any
case, what this tragedy really shows us is that, so far from putting
into practice political views other than my own, it is precisely my
political agenda which ought to be advanced.

Not only are my political views vindicated by this terrible tragedy, but
also the status of my profession. Furthermore, it is only in the context
of a national and international tragedy like this that we are reminded
of the very special status of my hobby, and its particular claim to
legislative protection. My religious and spiritual views also have much
to teach us about the appropriate reaction to these truly terrible

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