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Default Should Cyclists Pack Guns?

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 12:12:32 -0400, Just A User

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:51:02 -0400, Just A User

Curtis L. Russell wrote:
On 19 Apr 2007 08:34:20 -0700, donquijote1954

I guess we cyclists are too pacific for that (or just that we aren't
Republicans), but in light of all that violence out there, shouldn't
we rethink our strategy (everyone to himself) and get together to
launch a good nonviolent campaign?
I don't expect 'normal' from you, but don't you find this just a
little bit tasteless considering what just happened on the Virginia
Tech campus?

And using 'Republicans' must be your way to compensate for not being
able to actually make a complete, cogent thought on your own. I'm sure
there are some reflexive 'thinkers' such as yourself that will think
you made some point or another.

Curtis L. Russell
Odenton, MD (USA)
Just someone on two wheels...
Upon mentioning VA Tech, I have to put in my two cents, Cho was a wack
job, but personally I think the right to bear arm part of the
constitution needs to be re thought. In countries, such as the U.K.
where gun control laws are very strict, they don't have incidents like
those at the campus on Monday.

Google 'Dunblane', and retract your statement.

And if you think a society where you are tracked on camera
from the moment you leave your own front door until the moment you
return, where you are REQUIRED to submit to criminal attack, where you
are PROHIBITED from defending yourself even in your own home, then I
suggest you move to the UK yourself.

Now as to cyclists packing heat, thats just extra weight I don't want to
carry around on my rides.

Then you better go on a diet, it's only ~ 1 -2 pounds.


Okay so that is one, but they are a lot less common than here in the U.S.

Here in the gun happy U.S. we have at least a couple of mass shootings
per year.

Population of UK - 60,000,000

Population of US - 300,000,000

Freedoms in the US - VASTLY more.

Oh yeah and the one you mentioned only resulted in half the number of
deaths as occurred on Monday.


You do not set national policy for 60,000,000 people or
300,000,000 people based on the aberrant acts of one or two or 10 or
100 lunatics.

You do not base a society's laws on 'What limits should be
placed on the worst of us ( or, in the case of VA Tech, the worst of
what we allow to come in from some other country ), to craziest of us,
the most anti-social and dangerous of us.

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