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Default Mountain bikers are a scourge wherever they are found

I suspect hikers outnumber bikers 100,000 to 1, maybe

1,000,000 to 1.

Well, your suspicions are, yet again, wrong. There are are

50 million mountainbikers in the US alone so that would require there to be
between 5 and 50 TRILLION hikers ... rather more than the population of the
earth. Idiot.

Just can't resist numbers can you? How about hikers to bikers
1,000,000,000 to 1. Have fun!

Apparently it is my destiny to be Bugs Bunny to your Elmer

How about you admit that you haven't the faintest clue about numbers (here's some help for you since you made a provably false statement that therefore invalidated your argument.

Media reports say it all.

Yes, they say that hiking is more dangerous than biking ... more

reports of fatalities and serious injuries. Idiot.

Your dumb numbers only say whatever you are dumb enough to
believe. You are worse than an idiot. You are a fool!

No, you're the fool here. Despite the evidence in front of your face, MORE reports of hiker fatalities that biker, you still persist in believing that a simple count of number of events tells you anything. Your fundamental method is FLAWED. Simply relaying number of reports tells you NOTHING about the likelihood of an event.

I'm conservative politically ... so, not at all into politically

correct thinking. But it's still totally irrelevant.

But you are into politically correct thinking. After all, this
business about sharing because public is a liberal notion. Also, you seem to be
lacking any elitist sentiments. You are not a conservative socially. We social
conservatives believe in tradition, and trails have traditionally been just for
hikers (and equestrians), not for every new thing that comes down the

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm an elitist all right. I think anyone who can't argue logically, understand statistics and at least try to remain impartial is definitely NOT a member of the elite. As such, you're a pretender and your views are entirely immaterial and worthless.


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