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Default Mountain bikers are a scourge wherever they are found

"Blackblade" wrote in message ...

Edward Dolan wrote:

Statistical data is dumb as everyone knows (except you
apparently). Polls are equally dumb. Try to connect to a simple media report if
that is even remotely possible.

Of course it's possible ... but it's even more possible to connect to simple media reports of hiker fatalities since there are three times as many. I don't think that was the point you were trying to make :-).

Statistical data has to be reported in some kind of context. Are there not perhaps many times more hikers than there are mountain bikers? Are not hikers of all ages and conditions of health as compared to mountain bikers who are in the prime of their lives? Your data reports are meaningless whereas my reports of actual accidents and fatalities are on point – that mountain biking is extremely dangerous.

You will never win any name calling contest with me. I have
almost 80 years of stored up bile to unleash on you.

I won't enter into a name calling contest. It's stupid and pointless .... as are the people who think it's the appropriate way to conduct a debate. One might even call them barbarians !

Everything with me is tit for tat. But I will admit that assholes who ride their bikes on hiking trails are a special breed of cretinous blackguards and deserve everything I can give them – and then some. Of course you and yours are such blockheads that nothing ever penetrates.

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