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On Friday, August 30, 2019 at 8:02:20 PM UTC-7, Sir Ridesalot wrote:
On Friday, 30 August 2019 21:23:24 UTC-4, jbeattie wrote:
On Friday, August 30, 2019 at 8:03:28 AM UTC-7, Tom Kunich wrote:
I heard that from many riders that were in low gear climbing a 3% grade. The road up Mt. Hamilton is only 7& on the western side since that was the only road to the top when they built the telescope on the top and mules can't pull any weight beyond 7%. After listening to all these people tell me how easy a climb it was I was the first to the top just riding along. Out of the 20 or so riders I was with up Mt. Diablo I was one of two that could ride the final 24%.

Exactly what sort of climbing have you done? So far this year I'm far behind normal and have over 117,000 ft of climbing for the year.

The point is that 3% is not brutal. Hamilton maxes out at 7% and is an average 4.3% per interweb because of the two downhills.

The climbs are mostly in the 5-6% range. It is long. I won the Mt Hamilton Challenge in '82. Sure, it's not a race, but I won it anyway! My prize was being the first guy to sign out of the course. And then I rode home. Whoohoo!

Waah! Cancelled!
I miss Hamilton, although the last time I climbed it while visiting the Valley, the crack seal was so slippery that I couldn't really get going on the downhill. Too scary. Utah descents have a lot of crack seal, too, but the California stuff seems slipperier.

-- Jay Beattie.

I hardly notice it when climbing on the rail-trails around here that have a 3% grade. They were originally electric railways carrying passengers and later moving away from passengers to strictly freight before being abandoned all together.


If you "hardly notice it" it isn't 3%. It would be 1%.

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