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Frank Krygowski writes:

On 9/4/2019 9:00 PM, jbeattie wrote:
The opportunistic food of choice around here is

I've enjoyed plenty of blackberries mid-ride. But my favorite are
mulberries. I'm not sure, but I think the local Italian immigrants
were fond of mulberries when they settled here. The trees seem more
common in the neighborhoods that were once Italian.

I don't know about Ohio, but at least the red mulberries are apparently
native to Massachusetts -- I just read an article describing Massasoit
as wearing mulberry dyed clothing. White mulberries were the choice for
raising silkworms, which used to be a common cottage industry.

The good part is they're pretty easy to spot, because the pavement is
filled with black spots from fallen fruit when they're in season.

The bad parts are 1) It's impossible to avoid crushing the fallen
fruit, so one's cycling shoes get messy soles; and 2) the season is
very short.

Good: Not as thorny as blackberries.

Bad: You can't fall out of blackberry brambles. Also, stains hands and

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